Why Companies need a Commercial Realtor

It seems that realtors are an extra link in the primary market, but developers continue to attract their sales of apartments in new buildings. In the crisis, developers are looking for new methods of sales: some – increase advertising budgets, others – include austerity and others – are beginning to actively involve real estate agencies. However, the question – whether they are needed in the market for new buildings – remains open. In the secondary market, the intermediary is necessary in order to find an apartment with the necessary parameters, to negotiate with the owner, to understand how fair the price is, and after all, with the sword of Damocles, the question of the legal purity of the acquired property remains to hang. Many rich people do not stop to buy one apartment, and if the quality of service at the first transaction was pleasant to the client, then it is likely that he will come again.

The procedure of buying a home in the primary market is much simpler – find a residential complex on the Internet, come to the sales department of the developer, choose an apartment and sign the contract. Everything – now it’s up to you to wait for the completion of the construction and housewarming. It would seem, why is a realtor needed here? From the buyers’ point of view, they are a superfluous link in the chain, which only hinders direct access to developers. However, the latter for something constantly attract sales agencies, sharing with them income from the sale of housing indicating Why Companies need a Commercial Realtor.

However, the minus, in terms of developers, in the work of agencies, too, more than enough. Firstly, brokers do not always have the ability to quickly acquire information on prices, the availability of apartments for sale, and to agree on discounts, they need “pauses” to discuss them with the developer, according to Grigory Altukhov. Secondly, most real estate agencies are using obsolete and inefficient methods of selling apartments, I am sure Alexey Belousova’s a rule, in his opinion, everything is limited by the fact that an advertising banner with the agency’s phone is being installed in the new building area, and in parallel the offers are placed in popular online real estate bases, such as CIAN or Winner. After that, the active activity of realtors is pumped in and they just wait for calls from customers. All these actions the developer can perform himself, without involving agencies,” notes Belousova. And Natalia Shichanina is confident that the presence of its own professional sales team within the development company, in any case, is necessary.

At the same time, today there are new information technologies that allow optimizing time and processes. However, developers are confident that they will not replace realtors in the market for new buildings. “In sales, the human factor and the emotional component are very important, with which no electronic system can cope and as long as there is a healthy competitive market, the work of agencies will be in demand,” Natalia Shichashina summed up.